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What Makes A Good Host

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In hospitality, sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference. A host might grant a guest access to a beautiful property, but if a guest were to arrive to find dirty dishes in the sink (or worse, a dirty bathroom) the allure of the real estate may quickly fade. Cleanliness makes a big impact on a space and how much your guests will enjoy it, and how likely they are to recommend it or return to stay.

A guest’s experience is also impacted by the level of service provided by the host.  For example, if your guests rent are renting your gorgeous property in the remote mountains of California, you should arrange for an easy check-in. Provide a map and detailed directions ensuring they find the place easily and make sure someone is on location when they arrive at the door. Arriving in the pitch dark, with bad to zero cell service without information on how to enter or unlock the suite is not enjoyable for the beginning of a vacation. An experience of event he most beautiful home or space can be marred by the lack of communication from a disorganized host.

Have you ever stayed in a luxury boutique accommodation or a top five star hotel? If you have and had a positive experience you will know that the extra touches go a long way. A handwritten welcome note, a fresh bouquet of flowers from the garden, a local bottle of wine or some local seasonal fruit in a bowl – these are the extra touches that make a guest feel welcome.

Our SpaceHost staff can help you go that extra mile by organizing a welcoming touch as per your instructions, such as a personalized note with a bottle of wine, cold drinks ready to go in the fridge, a box of artisan chocolates or other thoughtful gesture that will leave a lasting impression on your guest.  We can also cater to specific guest requests if you have a VIP or friend using your property and want to have something extra special there for their arrival. It would be our pleasure to help turn your space into an exceptional listing. Contact us to see how we can help you with your vacation rental.

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