Vacation property owners: A glimpse into the Victoria Market

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One of the best things about vacation rentals from an owners point-of-view is that it offers flexibility where a traditional rental opportunity might not. Here are three of our most typical owners and the flexibility they look for when renting their home as a vacation rental:

The sometimes renter:

Victoria is an unique marketplace for vacation rentals because it is the most temperate climate to visit in winter months, when the rest of Canada is covered in snow and clouds.  Sure we get some rain here in the winter, but it’s green and flowers burst out of the ground in the early winter.  Yet some of our Victoria-based clients none-the-less want to get away to even greener pastures.  Renting their vacant spaces as a vacation rental  is the best of both worlds for them.

Our property owners can go on vacation knowing that their home will be lovingly cared for by SpaceHost and the rental income from offering their home for rental provides extra vacation dollars: win win!  The guests who book these properties likewise have a great opportunity to experience Victoria as a local and to live in an original space: win again!

The almost always renter:

Some property owners need flexibility in their calendar because their home in Victoria is likewise  a vacation property for them, which they enjoy to use from time-to-time.  Other property owners may live in Victoria and have a carriage house or suite within their home which they like to make available to family and friends on occasion, but the space otherwise sits idle.

These spaces are already furnished with the amenities a traveller would need, so setting them up as a vacation rental is usually quite seamless and inexpensive.  One of our clients in Victoria moved overseas a couple of years ago and their beautiful, fully furnished condo sat idle except for the occasional occupancy of a friend or when the owner would ‘come home for a vacation’ from their demanding career abroad. Hiring SpaceHost to take care of the space and rent it to short term travellers is a great alternative: now instead of collecting dust the home is collecting rental revenue for the owners.

The always renter:

There are certain places and spaces in Victoria that make the perfect full-time vacation rental because of location, size, amenities or any number of factors. Others are better off as long term rentals and we’ll be the first to tell an owner which category their property may fall in.

From micro-lofts in the hotel district to a beach house on one of Victoria’s most gorgeous beaches, SpaceHost manages some properties in Victoria that are ideal for vacation rentals and the owner gives SpaceHost the mandate to rent 365 days a year.  And we will, happily!  To deny the guests the opportunity to experience Victoria from one of these locations or spaces would be tragic!  SpaceHost manages some properties that have nearly perfect attendance records…or occupancy rates as an hotelier might call them!

Here are some of our favourite rentals in Victoria, that SpaceHost will rent whenever they’re available!


Quebec Street 1 :

Quebec Street 2:

Suite 309:

Suite 304:

Macaulay Point Guesthouse:

St Andrew’s:

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